Fwd: GrabCAD Print 1.17 is Live


Hi Emanuel,

We hope you enjoy our latest update and please feel free to send us any questions, feedback, or suggestions you might have about the software.

GrabCAD Print checks for updates on startup and will prompt you to update the next time you open the app. If you're using GrabCAD Print in Offline Mode, you will need to manually update your components here: GrabCAD Print desktop app and GrabCAD Job Manager for PolyJet users.

Beta Support for Connex3 Printers — Connex3 systems (including the Objet260, Objet250, and Objet500) will be supported soon, and you can join our public beta test right now! An update to the embedded software is also recommended, and available for download. No need to sign an official beta agreement, just head here for the download links and full instructions.

Additional Updates for PolyJet Users:

  • Tray estimation will now show a real progress bar.
  • Color and texture profiles will revert to default as you change the tray materials, to prevent users from accidentally leaving the profiles on one that isn't recommended.

Known Limitations:

  • Splitting a large model over multiple jobs is only possible with Insight or Catalyst.
  • The Schedule View cannot be used to specify a delayed start time for a job.
  • For a list of features available in Insight or Control Center, click here.
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